What About The Cost?

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Because each project is designed exclusively for each individual client, it is almost impossible to give hard and fast prices without a specific context, so what we have done is to give some examples of typical packages which we have provided for clients, together with guide prices. Similar services provided for you might cost a little more or a little less, depending on your specific needs and the schedule you’re working to, but the examples below will give you some idea of what a particular package is likely to cost you.

1. Manuscript appraisal

What was needed: A beginning author had written their first novel (a historical romance), and was unsure how to proceed – was it worth submitting to agents and publishers? Should they work on it some more? Should they put it in a drawer and stick to the day job?

What was provided: The manuscript was read by a professional reader experienced in that genre of writing, who then provided a detailed critique of the book, with recommendations on changes which the author might consider making before making any submissions to agents and publishers.

What it cost: In this case, £250. Our usual charges for manuscript assessments and reader’s reports stand at £250 for a manuscript of up to 100,000 words. Charges may vary slightly depending on the nature and technicality of the subject matter.

The benefit to the client: An objective assessment of their work by a professional who was able to give them positive feedback – yes, it was worth going on with, no, it wasn’t quite ready to submit to an agent – together with concrete and specific advice as to how to improve their work. To obtain a manuscript appraisal at this stage can often increase the chance of being accepted by an agent or publisher further down the track.

2. Preparing for publication

What was needed: The author of a 72,000 word business book needed their manuscript professionally prepared before submitting it to publishers with a view to publication.

What was provided: The manuscript was copy-edited by a professional copy-editor, checked for grammatical accuracy, spelling and consistency.

What it cost: The standard rate for copy-editing and/or proofreading starts at £18* per 1,000 words. In this case, for a 72,000 word manuscript, the cost was £1,296.

The benefit to the client: A professionally prepared, accurate manuscript, which allowed potential publishers to respond to the ideas in the book, rather than being distracted by errors and inconsistencies.

3. Intensive one-to-one book planning day

What was needed: A way of getting started. A beginning author had an idea for a book – in this case they were a business coach working with ‘C-level’ executives, who wanted a book to enhance their work with individual managers, and to act as a marketing tool when pitching to corporate clients.

What was provided: A full day one-to-one with our lead mentor, clarifying the entire structure of the book, and pinpointing the contents of each chapter.

What it cost: £850 (it is also possible to book a similar, though less comprehensive, half-day book planning session, which usually costs around £575).

The benefit to the client: An experienced interlocutor who helped them tease out their ideas, arrange them in order and sort the writing of the book into a clear and manageable schedule. Rather than wasting hours of their valuable time drafting and redrafting their material, they knew precisely what to write, what to cover, and how to structure their ideas for maximum clarity and effectiveness. They then went away and wrote the whole book in under six weeks.

4. Sustained book writing guidance and support

What was needed: Week on week support so that the book actually got written.

What was provided: A highly intensive bespoke book coaching programme, working with a leading writing mentor, with weekly feedback, editorial support and video-conference calls.

What it cost: In this case, £5,000. The cost can vary slightly depending on the technicality and scope of the subject matter the writer is working with.

The benefit to the client: Consistent expert professional support and guidance ensured that the writer wrote the book they wanted to write, to the highest possible standards, and ended with a professional, fully-finished manuscript.

5. Publishing, distribution and marketing

What was needed: This author had written their book – a work focusing on marketing for SMEs – but had no idea how then to proceed. Should they seek a publisher? Should they publish independently? What were the advantages, drawbacks and implications of whatever route they chose? And what would it all cost?

What was provided: A half-day’s publishing orientation session clarified that for this author, with this book, independent publishing was the best way for them to get their book out there quickly and under their own control. They then received full editing, copy-editing, proofreading, design and production of, in this case, 500 books, together with a six-month warehousing and distribution package. An optional extra which they chose to take advantage of was an individually designed and implemented marketing & PR campaign put together and run by a specialist literary PR agency.

What it cost: In this case, with the PR and marketing and the six months’ free warehousing and distribution, £12,000.

The benefit to the client: An independent publishing solution that provided them with a superbly produced and well-marketed book capable of reaching its intended readership online, directly and through the book trade. (A point of worth making: It is often difficult for independently published authors to get their works into the bookshops – because of our special relationships with the big distributors in the UK and the US, we can guarantee that our authors’ books will be listed on the relevant databases and be available for all bookshops to order.)

6. Absolutely everything: from initial idea to the book on sale in the bookshops

What was needed: This client had a desire to write and an idea for a book (in fact, it turned out to be series of books), but had never written before, and had no confidence in their abilities, nor any knowledge as to how to get their book out into the world.

What was provided: A 9-month intensive book writing and production process, at the end of which the author had not only written their book, but had it printed and available in the bookshops, and was being interviewed about it on the radio and being reviewed online and in the print media. The 9-month programme was a bespoke combination of the book writing guidance and support package and the publishing, distribution and marketing package, both outlined above. The great advantage of combining the two as far as the success of the book was concerned was that the marketing could start even before the first draft of the book was completed.

What it cost: £16,000 – spread over a 9-month payment period, so a monthly cost of £1,778.

The benefit to the client: A dream realised and a new career launched.


These examples highlight just a few of the writing support, editing, and publishing solutions we can offer. To find the one that’s right for you, do get in touch and we can pinpoint just what you need and what the costs are likely to be.


*All prices exclusive of VAT, where applicable.

NOTE: Payment terms are available by arrangement on all packages costing more £1,500.

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