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by The Book Consultancy on July 26, 2013

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by Jeanne Duque

A lot of folks who’d like to write
Could do it if they did it right
It’s organization, please realize
When they learn that, they’ll win first prize

Then along comes Sarah, Hello dear
Let me see what we have here
I see you are a thoughtful soul
With all these words, what is your goal

I figure the planet’s in a whirl
I’d like to be a cleanup girl
I have a barrel full of thoughts
But write them down, they come to naught

I see, says Sarah, take your pen
Write a thousand words and we’ll meet again
Next meeting Sarah says, Oho!
I see now where we have to go

And put together in Sarah’s way
The words make sense and ‘work’ is play
So they’ll come together week by week
To harmony, clarity and interest seek

By the time they’ve done it long enough
The edges are smooth, no longer rough
Words follow each other toe to heel
Like a smoothly turning shiny wheel

The piece is free of its dusty murk
And comes out clean, showing proper work
And you can sit at your desk and glow
Delighted with the important things you know.

Jeannette Duque published her first book, A Life Well Loved, at the age of 91. She is well on the way to completing her second volume.

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