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“In my experience it’s difficult to find seminar and training events that exceed expectations and that also deliver learning points that will ‘make a difference’. But that’s what happened when I spent a great two days in the company of The Book Consultancy learning to hone my writing skills.

“They know their stuff, deliver it with style and attending can only raise the quality of your authorship.” Stephen Harvard Davis

Stephen’s book:







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“Writing a book can be daunting for a first-time author. Sarah project managed this process, breaking the tasks into manageable chunks to fit around my schedule. She helped me find the perfect photographer and graphic designer for my project and organised a distributor for the book. From my initial concept to having the book published and available on Amazon took two months, a feat made possible only with the expert advice, guidance, support of Sarah. If you are considering writing a book I would highly recommend The Book Consultancy as your first port of call.” Karen Faulkner-Dunkley, Ely, Cambridgeshire

Karen’s book:

Does This Look Good On Me?






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“Sarah Williams is a marvel.  She is a warm, witty, knowledgeable perfectionist who helps her clients identify the roadblocks and opportunities on the path to publication and then works with them to capture the tools to make it real.  Her experience and credentials can’t begin to describe the art and energy she generates nurturing a client through the labyrinth of publishing.  Whether she is coaching a new writer or guiding a writer who has just skipped a beat back onto the path, she is dedicated to her craft.  Working with Sarah is a challenge and a delight.  She makes it a joy to write – and to write well.” Teri Raley, Ventura, California

Teri’s book:

There's No Such Thing As Ordinary Women








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“Sarah is an incredible wordsmith, very articulate and highly intelligent. Sarah helped me to edit my first book: You Are More Than You Think – the return to your authentic self and take it from the concept idea to a finished manuscript in around 4 months of dedicated work together. An amazing feat.

“Sarah is an expert in her field and her experience and knowledge are second to none. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. Sarah’s insight, creativity and intuition give her an edge that gets to the nub of articulating aspects of my writing in my book that I had difficulty doing. Sarah just got to the issue with a swift dexterity which is very impressive. She is also highly adept and has a deep understanding of the principles behind books and their writing. For example, for the writer there are many hurdles and obstacles that need to be fought through, and times when no words seem to flow and things get stuck. Sarah, however, understands these implicit issues that all writers face and has the right encouragement and wisdom that help you to break through.

“I am extremely privileged to have met and worked with Sarah and her wizard’s ways with words, and her personality makes the whole process very enjoyable and you can’t help being fond of her sense of humour. Her personality simply shines through. This is because she is passionate about books and words.

“She is an amazing human being that has helped me to not only write a book that is now published (which is a feat in itself), but also to believe in my own uniqueness and qualities too that have helped me to believe in myself that I can write. With Sarah’s help I have become a published author. I will always be grateful for this. Thank you, Sarah.

“Sarah is now helping me to get to manuscript for my second book. This therefore speaks for itself in terms of a recommendation.” Andrew Jenkins

Andrew’s book:






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“‘Good with words.’

Sarah Williams is, indeed, good with words. When she speaks, you should pay attention, because she knows all about words, writing, and coaching writers. She is a very good listener, too.

I’m writing my first book. It’s an autobiography of my life, loves, and laughter. My journey. My thoughts. My jokes. Sarah encouraged me to write. She opened my mind, and said, ‘Bill, I just want you to write, using your own personality and style.’ No restrictions, no exclusions. I sent my first draft of about 2,500 words to her in Spring 2011. I thought, ‘What if she doesn’t like the way I write?’ Well, she not only liked what she read, but encouraged me to continue opening up my mind and writing it all down.

And let me tell you, Sarah Williams really is ‘good with words’. She’s certainly been good with mine.”  Bill ‘Aloha’ Eddy, Newport Beach, California

Bill’s book:

Loves, Life and Laughter






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