Flimsy Structures

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The Flimsy Structures Creative Thinking and Writing Process® is a system developed by Sarah Williams over years of being a professional writer – a system which she now is eager to share with others.

Fundamentally, the Flimsy Structures process provides the solution to two knotty problems which affect all writers, at some time or another:

1. How to make sure that you plan your writing effectively, so that you end up saying what you want to say, in the way that works best for you and for your readers.

2. How to stop yourself getting bogged down in details, corrections and second thoughts, and to keep writing until the job is properly done.

We’ve known for some time that the Flimsy Structures® process really works – recent discoveries in neuroscience have begun to explain why.

What the Flimsy Structures® process does is to help you move away from the necessary rat-runs of ordinary every day thought, away from the rigidity of list-making and mind-mapping, and enables you to make new and unforeseen connections, and to gather them together in ways that make profound and lasting sense.

If you’re interested in finding out more, or in learning how to apply the Flimsy Structure® to your own writing, then please contact us today.

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